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This Kitchen Creates Healthy Deliciousness In Support Of LIFESTYLE CHOICES  For Families With Health Concerns Including Type II Diabetes, Obesity, Asthma & Borderline Diabetes 

We Build Solutions though Meal Prep That Minimize Soy, Gluten, & Dairy

When We  Eat   to  Live...We Live Better


Our Mission  Is To
  Connect  |  Celebrate  | Impact

Serving All Cultures With A Healthier Style of Comfort Food & Quality Nourishment That Creates Vibrancy & Connection In The Midst of Curated Joy


Meet  the Ceo

Kasondra Billups, also known as SHEf Sanny, was born in Trenton, New Jersey. As the middle child always in the kitchen, she found her love for cooking. 

Her family moved to Georgia and she furthered her cooking skills, attending Le Cordon Bleu.   Now holding her degree in Culinary Arts she remains focused and gathering extensive leadership while leading her family in building a family empire!

SHEf Sanny started Kreative And Blessed, LLC also known as KAB Gourmet Kitchen in 2018. She is expanding her brand with private event catering and deliveries for week-to-week menus.

SHEf is dedicated to cultivating a business-oriented family-team!  KAB is developing a family mindset to handle up’s and downs and the ultimate win for us and those that believe in the vision.  

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Meet  the Shef

Kasondra Billups, also known as Shef Sanny, was born in Trenton, New Jersey to a family of seven. As the middle child Shef Sanny was always in the kitchen growing her love for cooking and her connection to FEEDING the spirits in her home.


Shef Sanny evolved her cooking skills at Le Cordon Bleu where she earned a degree in Culinary Arts. She embraced Lifesyle Training through the CDC and has a Certification in Diabetic Coaching. She remains focused on community leadership in food justice organizing.

Shef Sanny founded KAB Gourmet Kitchen in 2018 and has established herself as a private shef, a retreat and event catering team, a popup food justice warrior, and a meal prep community partner. Shef Sanny believes that connection starts at home and inspires her TEAM to contribute to the Family Business. 


The Team

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